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Gifts For Graduates


Gifts for Graduates: 7 Ideas to Celebrate Their Success Finding gifts for graduates can be a challenge. You want to choose one that is… thoughtful practical impressiveand most of all — something that they’ll treasure! ​ Commencement is a time to celebrate and graduation gifts should honor this special moment of achievement. The best gift to give is one […]

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Fountain pen vs Ballpoint: Which is better?

Fountain pen vs Ballpoint: It’s time to end the debate No matter why you use it, a good pen can be a useful tool in your personal and professional life. There are so many pens available on the market today that it can be difficult to choose a specific one. The chief argument between writers […]

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Why is a Fountain Pen called a Fountain Pen?

​Where does the name “fountain pen” come from?The fountain pen has a long and complex history that begins with the messy dip pen and culminates in the refined fountain pen we know today. The quick answer to the question of ​”How did the fountain pen get its name?” is this: A fountain pen is called a […]

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