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Best Executive Fountain Pen for Professionals

​Searching for the best executive fountain pen​?​​​

One that serves as a symbol of:

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Best Executive Fountain Pens

Then consider this...

In the hand of a seasoned businessperson, the power of a luxury fountain pen is nearly limitless.

The pen you choose gives a lasting impression. The right pen will change how people view you.

​Choose your pen wisely because ultimately, the pen makes the ​executive.

With all the different pens on the market, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of details and features.


But here’s the good news:

We've done all the ​research for you. ​We've compiled the definitive list of the top five best executive luxury fountain pens.

Let's get to our favorite choice!

Our top pick is the Pilot Vanishing Point. It’s stylish, unique, and ​a perfect fit for the technologically savvy. ​Plus, it also excels where every pen ought to excel: writing.

The Vanishing Point’s design makes it the best pen for the busiest of business people

​...and it may be the ​best pen for you.

The only way to find out is to keep reading through ​our curated list below. 

So let’s get started!

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​Top 5 ​Best Executive Fountain Pens

​Our Top Pick: Pilot Vanishing Point

By a thin margin, the award for the best executive fountain pen goes to the Pilot Vanishing Point. No other pen matches the Vanishing Point in technology and innovation. Many even consider it to be one of the best fountain pens of all time.  The pen’s capless design ​resembles a retractable ballpoint pen: push the button and the nib emerges from within the barrel. A tiny trap door mechanism prevents the nib from drying out while retracted. Ingenious! What will they think of next?

​Source: pilotpen.us

Pros: High Caliber and Convenient

This pen is perfect to carry around in your pocket for quick and easy access. No more taking the time to unscrew a cap, and no more losing pens to the pen graveyard when snap-on caps fall off. The Vanishing Point has you covered!

​Putting high-tech design aside, this pen has excellent flow and a smooth stroke. To fit through the trap door, the nib is narrower and more flexible. Because of this, ​many users say the pen gives the smoothest writing experience ever.

The Vanishing Point is ​simple and convenient. Your pen is out and ready to write with just the click of a button. ​No longer do you need to worry about wasting time or losing a cap. ​It's the convenient, ​no frills fountain pen you've been waiting for. Don't wait! Purchase the Pilot Vanishing Point now! 

Cons: The Downside to the Technology

With great technology ​comes some sacrifices. The retractable narrow nib​ is quite fragile and can damage easily if you aren’t careful. Proceed with caution when letting a novice user t​est out your pen.

Also, since there is no cap, the pen limits you to writing ​capless. ​Depending on your technique, you may prefer the flexibility and control offered by capped and postable pens.

The clip can also cause some issues. The Vanishing point's designers have attached it to the grip of the pen, rather than hang from the top like most fountain pens on the market. This isn’t an issue for most people, as the clip fits nicely between their fingers. For some, the clip seems to always get in the way, leading to a frustrating writing experience.

Is This the Pen for You?

If you are in the majority, you will have no issues using this pen. While the clip and the design may require scaling a short learning curve, the results will be worth it. Based on our research, this is the best executive fountain pen for professionals like you. Click here to find this pen on​line and test it out to see if you agree.



  • ​Speedy ​convenience of retractable point
  • check
    ​No cap to post or ​misplace
  • ​Narrow nib provides smooth writing experience
  • ​​Fragile nib can damage easily
  • ​Clip located on grip - expect a learning curve 

​For the ​Enterprising Executive: The Waterman ​Expert

​If appearances matter to you, display the Waterman Expert fountain pen on your desk. All who walk into your office will know that you are a businessperson of style. Designed and hand-crafted in Paris, this is not a writing utensil as much as it is a work of art.


​Source: Waterman.com

Pros: The Waterman Style and Name

The cigar-shaped body comes in a variety of colors and boasts a stylish chrome and gold trim. The nib is stainless steel with fine-gold plating. The cap of the pen ends in a slant, presenting the Waterman logo. With the tie-shaped clip hanging from your shirt pocket, you will tell the world that you’re not carrying any pen. You’re carrying a Waterman.

  • The Waterman Expert is a fashion statement and the perfect complement to your professional attire.
  • The prestigious reputation of the Waterman brand will elevate your status in a highly competitive business environment.
  • The pen’s Parisian flare will add culture and sophistication to your ensemble.

Cons: Fashion vs. Function

This pen made its way into the top ten executive fountain pens for its sheer beauty and elegance. Yet a pen should be more than a handsome accessory. When it comes to a pen’s main job—writing—this one doesn’t measure up to the rest of the competition.

Many users have complained about the pen skipping. On the other side of the spectrum, some have stated that the ink is too wet. But the biggest weakness that most everyone agrees upon is the pull-off cap. It’s a bit heavier than other caps and it tends to slip off.

  • If you turn the angle of the nib too quickly, the writing will skip. Make sure to hold the pen in its sweet spot so this doesn’t happen to you too often.
  • The fast ink flow is too wet for some users, but this is a matter of preference. Be sure to keep the nib moving across the paper to prevent too much ink from coming out.
  • The cap is the biggest weakness for this pen. Its weighty and and it doesn’t screw into place. To prevent losing your pen, always hang it on the inside of your shirt pocket or keep it in its case.

Is This the Pen for You?

If fashion is more important to you than functionality, then yes. While it doesn’t have the best writing mechanisms, it still gets the job done well.



  • check
    ​Complements professional attire
  • ​Nib is smooth and doesn't drag on paper
  • ​Good ink flow
  • check
    ​Writes well on all paper types
  • ​Not great for posting as cap does not stay affixed
  • Cap is heavy and weighty
  • ban
    ​Ink will skip/stop at unusual angles

For the ​Low ​Profile Executive: the Parker Sonnet

If plain and simple writing is your main goal, look no further than the Parker Sonnet. Where the Waterman Expert falls short, the Sonnet ​sails. 


Pros: Writes like a Champ

The gold-plated nib's flexibility allows for a smooth and skipless stroke. The design is simple, yet it adds a modern feel to a classic aesthetic.

The simple-yet-elegant body comes in a variety of finishes and colors. Like the Waterman, the cap snaps on and off. Unlike the Waterman, the cap’s secure hold and deep post make for a well-balanced and comfortable grip.

The pen is well-received among fountain pen enthusiasts. Owners of this pen say that it produces an easy and beautiful writing experience. It is a well-rounded renaissance pen, perfect for any writing occasion.

  • The price point is attractive. This is the only pen on the top five list that you can get for under $100, yet it still beats many of the higher priced pens in its smoothness of writing.
  • The pen is simple but still beautiful. Due to its minimalist design, this is a pen you can take with you anywhere and use for any occasion.
  • The cap, while still a pull-off cap, posts deeply and securely. You won’t easily lose this pen due to the cap falling off.

Cons: Cheap Construction

For a pen at this price level that writes as well as it does, we would expect to see a drop in quality in other areas of the pen. Sure enough, some customers think the plastic grip and light-weight body lend to a cheap and unpleasant feel. Other customers have found that the pen is a bit too slim and slippery to write with.

  • The price point is also a turn off. Despite its smooth writing, the body of the pen is light and plasticky.
  • The pen is slimmer than most. It can be difficult to write with this pen if you’re used to something a bit heavier.

Is This the Pen for You?

If simplicity and functionality is what you are after, then click here to purchase the Parker Sonnet.  You won’t be disappointed. The quality of the pen’s writing will blow you away. On the other hand, if you prefer a great writing experience alongside stronger materials and construction, and you don’t mind paying a little extra for it, our next pen might be what you’re looking for.



  • check
    ​Cap posts deep and securely
  • Attractive price point
  • ​Good starter luxury fountain pen
  • check
    ​​Factory warranty
  • ​​​Nib is a bit scratchy on the page
  • ​Dries out ​if not used ​regularly
  • ban
    ​Too ​large for smaller hands

For the ​Tech Exec: the Faber-Castell E-Motion

Some executives are in the market for a fountain pen to make them stand out. Still others seek a tool for writing behind closed doors. If you find yourself in the latter group, you want the Faber-Castell E-Motion fountain pen.​​​

​Source: Faber-Castell

Pros: Quality Construction

Its jet-black finish from cap to nib gives the E-Motion fountain pen a stealthy, espionage air. The cigar-shaped barrel is thicker than most pens. Since every piece of the pen is metal, it’s also quite a bit heavier—the cap alone weighs 20 grams! This plus the laser-etched diamond grip provides for a secure and comfortable hold. The shape and build is unique, and provides most users with a pleasant writing experience.

  • The E-motion is a comfortable pen to hold, due to its weight and diamond-etched grip.
  • The metal cap screws in for extra security. The cap’s clip is not just for decoration. It’s spring-loaded and ready for some heavy-duty clipping.
  • The E-Motion’s bold metallic design and attractive appearance make it a trendy accessory.

Cons: Heavy Build

Depending on your personal preference, this pen’s pros can also be its cons. The E-Motion attracts many executives with its unique build, but on the flip-side, its uniqueness also turns some people away. For these customers, its thickness is a bit too thick and its weightiness a bit too weighty.

  • The pen’s thickness can make it hard to hold for those used to handling smaller pens. It may take some getting used to.
  • The pen’s heavy weight can also lead to problems, as it can be difficult for some users to write with the pen.

Is This the Pen for You?

The E-Motion ​is not for everyone. This pen is ​understated and will not draw any attention to your pocket protector. Like any other fountain pen, it’s a matter of preference. But if the bulk and stealth of the E-Motion speaks to you, this is a fountain pen that out-writes all the competition. Click here to check it out and see if this is the pen for you.

But don’t worry. If you’re not used to heavier pens, or if you prefer something a bit slimmer, our next pen has you covered.

P.S. If you enjoy the E-motion but not the all-black look, you can find the E-Motion in other colors and materials Click here to check it out  here and here.



  • check
    ​Easy to hold and write for long periods of time
  • ​Threaded cap allows for secure ​fastening
  • ​Spring-loaded cap allows for sturdier clipping
  • ​Too thick
  • ​Too heavy

For the Presidential Executive: Cross Century II

On a quest to find the best executive fountain pen, it would benefit us to look to the highest executive in the United States. ​It has been a recent tradition for the President to use Cross pens to sign bills into law. ​Most ​employ the ballpoint version, since presidents often use a new pen to write each letter of their name. That said, Cross also sells the Century II as a fountain pen.

​Source: cross.com

Pros: Ease of Use

As slender as the E-Motion is wide, this fountain pen is sleek and stylish. Its weight is only three grams heavier than the E-Motion’s cap. Its plastic, ribbed grip allows for an easy hold and smooth writing. The gold-plated nib is ornate, beautiful, and responsive to light touch.

  • The Century II is thin and light, perfect for anyone who finds the weight of the E-Motion to be a bit too much.
  • The gold-plated nib glides across the page without any effort, meaning you can write for hours without any hand fatigue.

Cons: Grip

The plastic grip, while contributing to the light and simple use, is off-putting for some customers. The barrel and cap are both metal, making the posted pen top-heavy. The pen also runs a little too thin for some users with larger grips.

  • The plastic grip can lead to an unbalanced writing experience. Since the rest of the pen is metal, writing with the cap posted can make this pen top-heavy. You may find the pen is easier to use when you set the cap to the side.
  • The Century II may be too slim for some grips. Again, it’s all a matter of personal preference.


​Source: cross.com

Is This the Pen for You?

If you prefer pens to be on the slender side, you won’t regret purchasing the Cross Century II. Once you experience the smooth, quick, and elegant stroke, you won’t turn back. This pen is sure to bring class and distinction to any office - oval or square.  Click here to buy this pen and add some executive power to your signature.  



  • check
    ​​Thin light design, similar to a ballpoint pen
  • ​Gold-plated nib offers effortless writing
  • ​Easy to Refill
  • check
    ​​Factory warranty
  • ​​​Posting ​makes pen top-heavy
  • ​Plastic-metal mix is awkward for some
  • ban
    ​Difficult grip for meatier, thicker hands

​Final Thoughts

If you are in the business world, you need a pen. If you need a pen, you may as well have a nice one. The instrument you use to sign documents, take notes, draft ideas, and create masterpieces says a lot about who you are as a professional. Invest in yourself and your career today. Give yourself the gift of an endearing and enduring fountain pen.

The five pens listed here are all amazing pens. Each one is unique and seeks to respond to different needs. Many believe the Pilot Vanishing Point to be the best business fountain pen. But another pen might offer the perfect solution to your problems. Whichever pen you decide to buy, this you can be certain of: the high quality of your tool will impact the quality of your work.


Q: How are the pens filled?

A: Most of the pens come with their own brand’s ink cartridges. The Parker Sonnet is the exception here. You’ll have to supply your own ink cartridge or converter. The Vanishing Point and the E-Motion also come with converters.

Q: Do the pens come in gift boxes?

A: Yes, each of the five pens will arrive in neat and attractive gift packaging.

Q: Can I have any of the pens engraved?

A: Yes, you can have the Waterman Expert and the Cross Century II engraved. Check out the product manufacturer pages ​for more information.

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