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Designer Fountain Pens: 10 High Fashion Brands that Make Luxury Pens


​The ​phrase ‘supermodel’ takes on new meaning Fashion is not just about innovation. It’s also about revival. Designers habitually mine past styles for ideas that can be updated perennially. Keeping the practice alive, some of the world’s largest and best-known fashion houses have added luxury writing instruments to their roster. High-end fountain pens now bear […]

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Best Executive Fountain Pen for Professionals

​Searching for the best executive fountain pen​?​​​ One that serves as a symbol of: check ​status..? check ​leadership…? check ​class…? Then consider this… In the hand of a seasoned businessperson, the power of a luxury fountain pen is nearly limitless. The pen you choose gives a lasting impression. The right pen will change how people view you.​Choose your […]

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Best Fountain Pen Under 100

Searching for the best fountain pen under $100? Now you can have that perfect luxury pen for less.​We believe your time is just as valuable as your money. So we’ve done the research for you. We have determined the five (5) ​highest quality fountain pens out there, all for under $100. **  **Note: Price may vary depending on time […]

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Best Luxury European Fountain Pen

​Are you looking for the best luxury european fountain pen?​​Then, the big question you’re asking is: “Which is the right pen for me?​”​Selecting a ​fine luxury european writing instrument is an important decision.Because the pen you choose says a lot about you!​The right pen… makes a statement.​Source: xezo.com, montblanc.com, lamy.comAfter hours of research, we have compiled a shortlist of the […]

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