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Best Fountain Pen Under 100

Searching for the best fountain pen under $100?

Now you can have that perfect luxury pen for less.

​We believe your time is just as valuable as your money. So we’ve done the research for you.

We have determined the five (5) ​highest quality fountain pens out there, all for under $100. **

**Note: Price may vary depending on time of year, vendors, and by color


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The Pilot Custom 74 has won the spot as our favorite luxury fountain pen for less than $100.


​Source: pilotpen.us

Top Pick: Best Fountain Pen for the Futurist


​Source: pilotpen.us

A minimalist Japanese model, the Pilot Custom 74 is a must have for any fountain pen aficionado. Pilot is known for its state of the art technology, and the Custom 74 does not disappoint.

A classic demonstrator pen design, the transparent Custom 74 combines clean engineering and simple elegance. Its inherently understated style makes the pen ideal for everyday carry. The Custom 74 is a treasured signing tool for those momentous contract signings. 

This model is renowned for its soft nib and classy body. The cartridge-converter filling system combines vacuum filling with a push-button converter to hold any type of ink without spills or blots.


​Source: pilotpen.eu

Considered an accessible, entry-level luxury fountain pen, the Pilot Custom 74 luxury fountain pen is one with which you can write with for hours, without experiencing discomfort or blemishes in your writing. The Custom 74 has superior design, feel, and all the capabilities of a more expensive fountain pen. The nib is soft and flexible, however it does not write well on all paper types. The Custom 74 prefers high quality, acid-free stationery. If you’re seeking a practical yet futuristic fountain pen that exudes both professionalism and class, then the Pilot Custom 74 is for you.


​Source: pilotpen.us


Longer than most fountain pens in its class, the Custom 74 stands out, creating a unique look that is complemented by the distinctive ball on the gold clip.

​The aesthetic design of the Custom 74 consists of ​a rhodium-plated gold nib, translucent ​resin body, and archetypal embellishments.

One thing is for certain. The ​Pilot Custom 74 has character. There’s no doubt about it.

What’s more, the Custom 74 is packaged in an elegant gift box, making it the perfect present for friends, family, and colleagues. 

The Pilot Custom 74's one-of-a-kind aesthetic and feel is just what you need to complete your personal ​luxury fountain pen collection. 


​Source: pilotpen.us


The most important feature of a pen is its writing ability, so you’ll be glad to hear that the Pilot Custom 74 surpasses expectations.

The soft nib gives a larger than usual about of flexibility, which allows the writer to form lines of varying sizes. The ink flow is superb, the pen rarely experiences skips or scratchiness. While on the lighter side, it is well balanced and this is not a problem when you are writing.

Built with high quality materials and containing an excellent cartridge-converter filling system, the Custom 74 is reliable and unfailing.


The Pilot 74 is a steal, especially when you consider its high-end features and design.

It falls in the middle range of lower priced luxury fountain pens, but it definitely exhibits a level of quality far above its pricing. 

The resin that makes up the body provides a sleek appearance, while the 14K gold nib adds a luxurious element.

You should be confident that you are getting your money’s worth with the Custom 74.



  • check
    ​Turnkey; Perfect right out of the box
  • check
    ​​Writes smoothly with varying lines
  • ​Advanced, effective refill system
  • ​Easy ​​flow with light pressure
  • ​Limited paper choices; Better results on ​​acid-free paper
  • ​Nib ​may be scratchy
  • ban
    ​CON-70 converter challenging to clean

For the Traveling Minimalist


​Source: lamy.com

Meticulously designed and expertly crafted in Germany, the ​LAMY Studio has an aesthetic ​influenced by modern art and architecture. From the elegant clip that turns in on itself, to the shiny chromium-plated ends, the ​LAMY Studio is a classy pen that breaks the mold.  

The Studio is heavy enough to create a balanced feel, but light enough to carry in your pocket when you head to work each morning. It is highly durable and will never leak or crack, yet it is still able to maintain an air of refined elegance.


​Source: lamy.com

Designed by Hannes Wettstein, the Studio leaves no detail untouched, from its sharp steel nib to its plated end and cap.

The Studio is ideal for travel, as it is lightweight, versatile, and durable. This fountain pen has a well balanced light weight feel, yet its resilient body seems unaffected by accidental drops. While the cap does not post as well as other pens, and may cause chipping after time, overall the Lamy Studio stands the test of time.

Anyone looking for a durable daily use pen with a classy look, should consider the Lamy Studio.


​Source: lamy.com


The ​LAMY Studio definitely puts a focus on the outer appearance, from the subtly striking nib to the sleek clip that accents the cap.

The brushed aluminum is an minimalist’s dream, the entire barrel of the pen shines a bright and simple silver.

This brushed texture distinguishes the Studio from similar pens and does not deteriorate as time goes by. Your ​LAMY Studio will be in the same condition, inside and out, years after you first purchase it.

Finally, the innovative form of the pen is fully accentuated by the propeller-shape of the clip, and the slight curves of the body.


​Source: lamy.com


​With workhorse writing capabilities and smooth ink flow, the ​LAMY Studio is as functional as fountain pens get. The Studio is light, but balanced, making it easy to write with for hours on end. Whether you are taking notes during a lecture, or reflecting on your day, the Studio will not fail you.

The ink flow does have a tendency to stop at times, but this can be solved by writing on high-quality paper and discovering the best angles with which to hold your beloved Studio fountain pen.

With an effective cartridge-converter ink filling system that does not let any ink leak through, and durable material to avoid cracks, the ​LAMY Studio can weather the harshest of conditions. The ergonomics and longevity of the ​LAMY Studio are two of its greatest strengths.


The ​LAMY Studio falls below the middle price range of luxury fountain pens under $100. With its understated elegance and superb functionality, the Studio will quickly become your daily use pen.

As soon as you feel the ink slide out of the striking nib, you will know the LAMY Studio is a worthwhile investment.



  • check
    Hard plastic is resistant to cracks
  • ​Easy to write with for hours
  • ​Sleek, attractive appearance
  • check
    ​Smooth nib and good ink flow
  • ​​Has a tendency to skip
  • Must use acid-free paper with nib
  • ban
    Ink tends to build up at the nib top


If you're looking for an ​accessory

 ​to a lively imagination...
The Waterman ​​Hémisphère


​Source: Waterman.com

For Streamlined Elegance


​Source: waterman.com

The Waterman ​Hémisphère, is the epitome of streamlined innovation. This style is a tribute ​to Waterman's timeless simplicity and beautiful basics.

Tipped with a ​beaming ​23K golden trims, which transitions into the sleek black lacquer body, and gold trimmed cap, the ​​Hémisphère is a work of art wrapped in a functional ​design.

With the streamlined nib that writes like a dream, it is meant for an aristocratic hand. When you pick up Waterman’s ​​Hémisphère Fountain Pen, there should be no doubt in your mind that this is an instrument of luxury.

The pen is expertly balanced, and has a hefty feel in your hand, creating impeccably smooth letters. Only the lightest pressure has to be applied for the ink to flow. Best of all, you can write with the ​​Hémisphère on any type of paper quality. 

The Waterman ​​Hémisphère is a pen that is a pleasure to write with, bringing joy to the most tedious of tasks. The ​​Hémisphère’s barrel is a perfect balance of slim and solid, while the nib is elegant and powerful.  

​The fountain pen is slim and small, which is great for the fine writer or illustrator.​ ​An overwhelming majority of users emphasize the comfortable feel of the Waterman ​​Hémisphère.

If you desire graceful writing without a single smudge of ink or are looking for the pen to make a lifestyle statement, the ​​Hémisphère is the one for you.



Waterman pens are inspired by and crafted in Paris, France, a city of beautiful language and classy style. The Waterman ​​Hémisphère itself, was inspired by the purity of modern architecture. The nib of the ​​Hémisphère is sharp-edged ​which perfectly complements its glossy body. The finish is just as stunning, with the black coating enhanced by a rich golden trim on each end. The Waterman ​​Hémisphère is topped off by an elegant gold clip, perfect for easy travels in your pocket.


The ​​Hémisphère feels even better than it looks. The precise nib slides like a dream across the page, giving you the ability to write as narrow as you please. You can write on any quality paper without worry of bleeding or ink flow stopping. The cap fits tightly on the front and back, a convenient bonus feature, and weight gives the pen a comfortable balance. With a Waterman ​​Hémisphère, smudges and ink skips are simply problems of the past.


The Waterman ​​Hémisphère is the most high-end pen on our list, which you’ll certainly notice in its sheer luxury and smooth writing. There is no question in our minds that you are getting your money’s worth with the ​​Hémisphère.



  • check
    ​Unique glossy finish and gold trim
  • ​Easy to form small letters
  • ​Balanced well for smooth writing
  • check
    ​Writes on all paper types
  • ​Gold plating wears out over time
  • ​Slightly smaller than average
  • ban
    ​Stores an average ​amount of ink


If you're looking to elevate

 your personal style, then choose 

the Parker Urban


​Source: parkerpen.com

For the left-handed (lefty) fountain pen writer


​Source: parkerpen.com

Looking for a functional, ergonomic, ​ambidextrous fountain pen with the looks of a luxurious high-quality model? Then the Parker Urban is the pen for you.

With dynamic curves finished with lacquer and chrome, the Urban certainly stands apart from the group. The pen brings decades of tradition into the modern era with its daring and dynamic design. The grip and stainless steel nib are designed for both right and left handed writers, making it a truly universal writing instrument.

The nib is crafted meticulously with subtle engravings to give a unique writing experience and the ergonomic grip molds to your hand, making your Urban a truly personal pen.

Sophisticated yet affordable, the Parker Urban is the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. 

With over five hundred customer online reviews, ninety percent of which are positive- the Parker Urban is clearly a crowd favorite. It is highly praised for its ability to match up, in quality and aesthetic, with pens double or triple its price. Current owners of Parker’s Urban model find that it is well weighted and comfortable to write with, as well as elegant with hourglass curves and a shining polish. The Urban is reliable, affordable, and writes clearly on both sides of the same paper, without dark shadows or ink blotches bleeding through. It is important to note that ink in the converter may dry up if neglected for a few days. Typically though, the ink is relatively easy to get flowing freely once again.


​Source: parkerpen.com


Parker has been known for their prestigious, luxurious pens since the 19th century, and the Urban fountain pen is no exception.

The barrel of the pen is made of anodized aluminum and lacquer, high-end materials that give the pen its polished style. Each section of the pen flawlessly tapers into the next, giving this model a graceful, and unified appearance.

The embellishments on the nib, and the web of delicate, engraved cross-hatches, complement the simple body design.

This striking opposition is further emphasized by the contrast between the bright, shining silver and the dark, glossy black. The Urban also comes in pearl shine, with chiseled metallic lines, and finally, the signature Parker arrow clip to complete the look.


Comfort is one of the greatest appeals of the Parker Urban. The ideal weight and balance allows you to write for long periods of time, without experiencing cramps or fatigue.

The grip is soft enough to mold to the specific shapes of your fingers, while also being textured to prevent slipping. It is designed so right and left handed users experience maximum comfort, and the nib is crafted with the same criteria in mind.

The overall shape, as well as the structure of the nib, is designed so you naturally hold the pen at an angle most suitable for writing. This improves the ink flow for a more superior writing experience.

While the black lacquer may peel with time, the functionality definitely does not diminish over the years. The longevity of the Parker Urban cannot be matched, purchasing this pen is a worthwhile, lifetime investment.


The longevity and grace of the the Parker Urban, makes its price seem modest. The Urban is a beautiful fountain pen that exudes a sense of luxury that is definitely worth the modest cost. When it comes to cost, the Parker Urban excels, without falling short on quality or design.

To find a top luxury fountain pen from a renowned brand at such a low price is unheard of, so we strongly recommend you consider the Urban to add to your collection.



  • check
    ​Nib Exchange program (28-day window)
  • ​Ergonomic shape conforms to grip
  • ​Glossy black with silver accents
  • check
    ​Steady line width without bleeding
  • ​Black coating may peel off
  • ​Dries out if not used for some time
  • ban
    ​Grainy ink immediately after refill


​Monteverde Invincia™ ​

​Understated ​fountain pen with under the radar flair


​Source: monteverdepens.com

Monteverde Invincia

For the perfect blend of art and technology


​Source: monteverdepens.com

With its sleek solid finish and smoothly curving design, stunning is the only word to describe the Monteverde Invincia. Part of the color fusion series, Monteverde put an emphasis on aesthetics and style when designing their modern Invincia model. With the contemporary flair, this pen is meant for an innovative writer who dares to think outside of the box. Yet, the Invincia manages to be understated at the same time, refraining from crossing into gaudy territory. The barrel, clip and trim are all in a color known as stealth black, and this uniformity highlights the unique shape. Without a doubt, your Monteverde Invincia will be able to keep up with your every burst of inspiration and spontaneous idea.

The Monteverde Invincia is a beauty to look at, writes wonderfully smoothly, and has a weighty balanced feel, current users agree. Several reviewers called the Invincia “beautiful,” commenting on its “sold heft” and how it “feels extremely well made.” The jet black glossy look as well as the unbelievable smooth writing and ink flow also stood out. Some users did comment that the heavy weight led to fatigue and cramping after about an hour of use. However, the majority considered the solid weight a positive to a luxury fountain pen. All in all, the Monteverde Invincia is a pen that makes writing enjoyable, whether you are checking items off a daily to-do list or signing a business contract.


​Source: monteverdepens.com


​Monteverde is a relatively new manufacturer, which shows in the sleek modernity of its Invincia pen. It truly is an instrument of luxury and innovation, with its glossy black lacquered metal from front to end, and its shining steel nib. The Invincia is eye-catching when you pull it out of your pocket, but it is never overly flashy, with inherent taste and style. If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for a recent graduate or fountain pen enthusiast, you’ll be happy to know that the Invincia comes in an elegant green case lined with white cloth, beautiful presentation that matches the pen itself and completes a truly spectacular gift.


The writing ability of the Monteverde Invincia matches that of much more expensive fountain pens. It consistently writes smoothly, without blotches or scratchiness, and the ink flows in a steady stream through the defined nib. Even on thin paper, the nib does not catch or scrape, and the ink continues to flow thickly. While comfort was an issue for some, as the heavy weight may cause cramps in inexperienced fountain pen users, overall the above average weight was viewed as a positive. This is especially true due to the meticulous craftsmanship of the pen that gives it a perfect balance. With the Monteverde Invincia, blots and scratches will not be a problem.



  • ​Leak-proof ​
  • check
    ​Cap ​posts perfectly
  • check
    ​Ink flow is smooth and reliable
  • ​Heavy weight is perfectly balanced
  • ​​Finish wears thin ​over time
  • ​Can be rather noisy at times

Why Choose a Cartridge-Converter Filling System? 

You may be wondering why we chose pens that all have the cartridge-converter filling systems. There are other ways to refill a fountain pen,  such as with a piston-filler or eyedropper mechanism, but we maintain that the cartridge converter is the best.

This mechanism is the most common option due to its convenience. Replacing a cartridge is a clean and simple process, that does not require an ink bottle. However, two downsides to cartridges alone (not cartridge-converters) are that they are not reusable, and the ink color selection is limited- because the cartridges are pre-made.

This is where the converter part comes in handy. Most fountain pens with cartridges also have compatible converters. This is true of all five of the luxury fountain pens we exhibited to you today. Converters can be easily refilled using bottled ink. Thus, you can use ink of any color, and also any thickness in each and every one of these pens. The ink color can be changed as often as you like, and there is a whole rainbow of selections to choose from. While you do need an ink bottle to refill, the process is still quite simple.

How to Choose the Perfect Size?

It can be a bit confusing when trying to decipher what all these sizes really mean, so we’re here to help. The average length of a fountain pen is 5.4 inches with the cap closed. This means that the Pilot Custom 74 (5.6 inches) and Lamy Studio (5.5 inches) are longer than average, the Waterman Charleston is just under average (5.2 inches), and the other models shown today are exactly 5.4 inches- which is perfectly average.

When it comes to weight, there’s a larger variation. Weight is also more subjective, but we consider 1.0 ounces to be the ideal average weight. The Waterman Charleston and Parker Urban hit this weight exactly, while the Monteverde Invincia is on the heavier side at 1.4 ounces. The Pilot Custom 74 is the lightest of the bunch at 0.8 ounces, while the Lamy Studio (1.1 ounces) is just above average.

Still unsure on what pen to choose? Read our comprehensive guide, "How to Select the Best Fountain Pen" for more information.

Additional Suggestions

We’ve already shared our five best fountain pens under $100, but here are a few honorable mentions (that fall near the $100 range) in case you’re looking for something else:



Body Material

Nib Material

Nib Tipping Sizes


Source: waterman.com

Lacquer or Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Fine or Medium


Source: fabercastell.com


Stainless steel



Source: kaweco-pen.com


Stainless steel



Source: platinum-pen.co/jp


14k gold

Extra Fine


Source: sailorpen.com


Rhodium-plated 14k gold


The Top 5 Best Fountain Pens under $100

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best fountain pen under 100

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