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Best Luxury European Fountain Pen

​Are you looking for the best luxury european fountain pen?

​Then, the big question you're asking is: 

"Which is the right

 pen for me?​"

​Selecting a ​fine luxury european writing instrument is an important decision.

Because the pen you choose says a lot about you!

​The right pen... makes a statement.


​Source: xezo.com, montblanc.com, lamy.com

After hours of research, we have compiled a shortlist of the best European high-quality fountain pens on the market. Our curated list is comprised of the best European luxury fountain pen for every type of user.

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Top 5 Best Luxury European Fountain Pens

After all our research, we have picked the Lamy 2000 Extra Fine Nib Fountain Pen as the ​best luxury European fountain pen​! Crafted with fine German engineering over 50 years ago in Heidelberg, Germany, this pen comes with a sleek, modern look, a well above average rating, and a lengthy number of features. We are sure you'll be proud to ​add this pen to your collection.


​Source: lamy.com

​Design Features

Manufacturing Materials:

​This brushed material ​provides the Lamy 2000 with a sophisticated look, giving the pen enough friction to avoid ​slippage during long writing sessions. ​The body of the pen is comprised of Makrolon​, a durable, lightweight, and versatile ​polycarbonate ​offering the writer ​a smooth writing experience while also ​bestowing a sleek, smart look​. 

​Grip / Handle:

​The silver grip section of the pen adds contrast to the black main body. It is also designed to allow your grip be secure throughout your whole writing experience but not to dig into your finger when writing for a long period of time. As well as giving a good grip while writing, the brushed ​stainless steel section tapers towards the nib, meaning it fits snuggly between your fingers well while writing. 

  • ​weight
  • ​ink window
  • ​nib selection

​This pen weighs approximately 0.96 ​ounces. ​Pen components are comprised of ​fiberglass and stainless steel, giving the pen a natural, balanced feel and gives a pleasurable writing experience. I​t's a great pen ​on-the-go, as it won't weigh​ down ​your pockets​.

​How to Fill a LAMY 2000 Fountain Pen :



  • ​Easy to hold and write for long periods of time
  • ​​Wide range of nib sizes
  • Easy to refill
  • ​​Factory warranty
  • ​Limited paper choices (must be ​acid-free paper)
  • Nib creep (​ink build-up at top of nib)
  • ​​Scratchy on the page

The Swiss brand Xezo is on our runners-up list for its very distinct luxury fountain pen, the Legionnaire 500. This Art Nouveau Style, limited edition pen is hand-etched. 

If you're looking to impress business associates with a fine writing instrument, then this is your fountain pen. With its sophisticated intricate diamond-cut and platinum finish, you'll be well-equipped to make an impression when signing on the dotted line. Xezo's Legionnaire goes on our list as the second best luxury European fountain pen.

​Design Features

Diamond-etched barrel:

Being diamond-cut gives this pen a satisfying, symmetrical look from the barrel to the cap. This unique design element gives the pen a outstanding wow-factor making it stand out from most others we have seen. Though it may not suit every buyer's taste, if you're looking to make a statement this may be just the pen for you. 

Real Black Leather Case:

This beautiful pen comes with a box just as beautiful. Opening with two flaps on either side, it's a grand entrance to your first look at this pen. The box (real leather!) gives you a place to safely store your pen, which looks impressive when showing it off to friends, family, and acquaintances. It also means if you want to gift this pen, your receiver will be blown away from the get-go with this uniquely designed box.

Limited edition:

With this pen being limited addition, its rarity will captive those around you. With its sophisticated yet intricate diamond-cut and platinum finish it is sure to leave its writers (whether regular or one time) seriously impressed.



  • Limited edition
  • ​Three (3) year warranty
  • Real black leather gift box
  • ​Diamond-cut design
  • ​​Heavy, weighty
  • ​Inconsistent ink flow
  • ​Narrow grip
  • ​Ink leaks on occasion

​This ​Franco-American company gets a pass for being headquartered in ​Paris, France when ​in 1901 then owner ​Frank D. Waterman moved the company there from ​​New York City.

The Waterman Carène Essential Black and Gold lands on our list as the third best luxury European fountain pen!

​Design Features

23K Gold Cap:

This pen radiates class, starting with its cap. Waves representing the up and down motion of the sea, as the Carene is famous for its inspiration from luxury yacht boats. Made from 23K gold, this pen really is the epitome of curves being beautiful. 

18K Gold Nib:

The stunning golden features carry down throughout the whole pen, ending at the nib. Created from 18K gold, this nib is like no other - a true Waterman design. The beautiful gold contrasts intensely with the deep black body of the pen.

3 year international warranty (which can be extended to 5):

Another thing we love about this pen is the fact it has a 3 year international guarantee. That means for three years, if something unexpectedly goes wrong with your pen's materials or workmanship, Waterman's has you covered. 



  • Gold cap and nib
  • Gift box
  • ​​​​​3 year International ​warranty
  • ​​​Medium nib writes closer to a Broad nib
  • ​Often too much ink flow
  • ​​​Nib barrel misalignment

Our second German brand on the list is Montblanc, headquartered in Hamburg. We've chosen the "Meisterstück", which translates to "masterpiece". They named this one perfectly, as the Meisterstück is built for a traditional fountain pen scribe.

​Source: montblanc.com

​Design Features

An Icon:

The clean lines and design of this pen embody a classic fountain pen feel. Stunning black resin forms the cap and body of this sleek pen. Three lustrous, gold-plated rings surround the cap of the Meisterstuck, imprinted with the Montblanc name. 

Converter or Cartridge?

This beautiful pen can be filled with ink cartridges or recharged with bottled ink in a converter. Whichever method you chose, rest assure this pen will be ready at any moment. It is important to note that this pen is a wet writer.



  • Light feel in the hand
  • ​Smooth ink flow while ​in use
  • ​Classic ​design
  • Hesitated ink flow on initial use
  • ​​Ink cartridges must be purchased separately

For the Artiste: Xezo Maestro Fountain Pen

The Swiss designer brand, Xezo, has made it onto our top European luxury fountain pen list for a second time. We were transfixed with their Maestro fountain pen. With its Natural Sea Shell body and German-made over-sized nib, this pen is simply decadent. 

Source: xezo.com

​Design Features

​New Zealand Natural Sea-Shell ​body (Abalone):

There's no arguing that this is a showstopper of a pen. Xezo have gone all out with this design using Abalone shells to create this stunning finish. The shells of abalones compose of a thick inner layer made from mother-of-pearl which creates the array of colors. As these shells are a natural source, it means that every pen is slightly different in look, weight and color, so you can be sure to stay individual.

​Easy Threaded Screw Cap:

The screw off cap to this fountain pen takes about two twists to take off. Though being made of brass gives it a weighty feel, it is not too heavy that you can't post it. It secures safely onto the end of the pen via some threads. Plus, it doesn't chatter or weigh the pen down at all. So, if you like to post your fountain pens, this is a great pen for you.



  • ​​Threaded barrel made for posting
  • Standard European ink refill size
  • ​​Natural Sea-Shell finish (Abalone)
  • ​​​Threaded screw cap
  • ​​Weight of ​pen will vary slightly
  • ​​Medium nib writes more like broad
  • ​Plastic converter mismatches pen quality
  • ​Wet Writer 

So, after comparing all these luxury European pens we definitely think the Lamy 2000 deserves the title. Perfect as a gift for a loved one or as a little treat to yourself, this pen is full of great attributes which are sure to leave you over the moon with your purchase. Perfect for everyday use due to its light weight and easy ink refill, we are sure you'll be more than happy with this purchase. 

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